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Australia’s strongest, best reviewed and longest running freestanding 270° awning brand, boasting customers with 7+ years ownership. Full accessory kits available with walls, folding brackets, tents, lights, spare parts and more available.

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The Big, and Little Things That Make Our Awnings the Best

Where else can boast reviews from 7+ years of ownership.

Longest Running Brand

We’ve been in the Aussie market longest, and have the most long-term ownership reviews. Don’t risk new players with dubious quality. 

No Poles or Ropes Required

Free Standing. Unless the wind is strong or unpredictable, no poles or ropes required.

Incredibly Strong and Durable

Our awning is designed to be roughed up. It’s made to stand the test of time, and Australia’s harsh conditions. See this in the reviews below.

Withstand Wind

No poles or ropes even required until 10-15 knot winds. Stay relaxing while others are packing away. Even at 10-15 knots, drop some poles & ropes and you’re all set.

280gsm Ripblock Canvas

We don’t compromise on quality. Our canvas is strong, and will last through as many trips as you can give it.

Fit in Underground Carparks

We have unique options that allow you to have folding brackets (fold the awning over your roof and reduce vehicle height) or quick release brackets (take it off your car in seconds and store away until you tour). 

Unbeatable Price Point

Years of refining our process have resulted in bringing the price as low as you can go before compromising on freestanding capability, or quality. 

All The Accessories

Go as big or as small as you want, from full customisable tent wall setups, lighting that is designed to perfectly fit in the awning grooves, folding brackets and more.

Replacement Parts

One part broken? Don’t go buy a whole new awning. Replace the part with our individual replacements available.

7 Year Ownership

4 Year Ownership

Windy Conditions

2022 Review


2.1m With Walls

2021 Review

Wall Kits

Setting Up

Wind Rating

The Toughest Awning Around

As we have all experienced, many an awning has been destroyed due to the wind. Due to our sturdy construction, our awnings can withstand a strong breeze and steady wind without the need for poles and ropes – we say 10/15 knots is the time when you should put the additional pole and ropes in.

Just like undertaking any outdoor adventure, it’s best to be conservative in our setups as wind is not a constant, whilst the wind may be blowing 20 knots one minute, next minute a gust of 30 knots may come through – so use your discretion and use the down a pole if you think it needs it, and a tie down if it’s incredibly wind.

Be assured in the knowledge that the 30 Second Wing Awning is the toughest around. Refer to our warranty for more information.

A tip to be extra safe is to face your vehicle in to the wind as this creates down pressure on the awning and be assured in the knowledge that on a windy day when everyone else is packing their awning away, you’ll probably still be enjoying your 30 second Wing Awning and all the shade it offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the 30 Second Wing Awning fit to my vehicle?

The awning is designed to fit most 4x4 vehicles. We offer 2 different size awnings to fit different size 4x4s and racks.
For the 2.7m Awning you need to have at least 1600mm between your brackets, with no more that 700mm from the front to your first bracket.
For the 2.1m you need 1200mm between your brackets, again with the front bracket being no more than 700m from the front of the awning.
See fitting instructions here.

What brackets do I need to fit this awning?

The awning has 2 generic L brackets that come with the awning that fits most racks. However, for a Pinoeer Rack or Rhino it would need a slight modification to lengthen the bracket to meet the 2nd channel on the rack.
We have optional brackets available that are longer, so require no modifications.

Click here to see all of our brackets.

How many brackets come with the awning? What else is included?

Our 30 Second Wing Awning comes with two 'L' brackets and a standard mounting kit as there are so many different kinds of racks/racking systems on the market.

You may require additional brackets and/or a customised bracket, and bolts to suit your setup.

The awning also comes with one pole and a rope and peg kit.

Is the awning water proof?

The awning is made of a 280gsm rot-proof and rip stock canvas that is fully water-proof. We do recommend that you fully season the canvas prior to use (wet and dry it at home - this will improve it's waterproofing). On it's own without this, though, you shouldn't have a problem.

What size is the 30 Second Wing Awning?

We have 2 options available 2.7m long and 2.1m long. 2.1m awnings are ideal for smaller SUVs and dual cabs

What is the thickness of the canvas?


How much does the awning weigh?

2.1m = roughly 24kg
2.7m = roughly 27kg

How much shade does the awning provide?

2.1m = 8.6m2
2.7m = 12m2

How long does shipping take?

We dispatch 3 times a week from North Brisbane, SE QLD. Depending on your location, it generally takes 5-10 business days for the freight to arrive to you.

Can I see the awning before I buy?

Yes! We have a demo available at our Brendale location and also many of distributors have awnings available to look at. Take a look at our map to find your closest retailer.

Does the awning come with a warranty?

Yes it does! a 12-month manufacturer's warranty. More information is available here.

What can I use the awning for?

The 30 Second Wing Awning is an innovative outdoor accessory designed to offer quick and versatile shelter solutions. Ideal for 4x4 enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers, this awning can be used for a variety of activities such as camping, picnicking, beach outings, and more. Its key feature is the ability to deploy in just 30 seconds, providing instant protection against the elements without the need for additional supports in mild conditions. Customers can crack a beer, cider or even buy kava & make a shell under our awnings designed for the Australian countryside & camping. Constructed to endure the challenging Australian outdoors, it extends around the vehicle, delivering ample shade and shelter. The awning's design allows for the attachment of various accessories, enhancing its utility for different outdoor scenarios. For those seeking a reliable, easy-to-use, and adaptable outdoor shelter, the 30 Second Wing Awning presents a compelling solution.