STORMCHASER 270° 30 Second Awning (2.1m Medium) – Patent pending

STORMCHASER 270° 30 Second Awning (2.1m Medium) – Patent pending



Introducing the StormChaser 270° 30 Second Awning, the ultimate outdoor accessory for any adventurer! Say goodbye to struggling with other flimsy, unstable car awnings on the market and hello to the innovative StormChaster 270° Awning with WindEze flaps, which allow wind to pass through the awning, reducing pressure and increasing stability in winds. Not only is this awning freestanding (no poles required even in 10-15 knots of wind) - it's now become even stronger & more reliable.

Imagine you and your friends are on a camping trip, enjoying the great outdoors. As the day wears on, the wind starts to pick up, and you notice that your friends' car awnings start to flap and sway in the breeze as they nervously hold them down. They're nervously looking up at their awning with every gust, and clenching at their poles. All the while you can't help but laugh as you're comfortably relaxing under your StormChaser 270° 30 Second Awning, which remains as stable as a rock, and freestanding, as you crack a cold one.

The StormChaser 270° 30 Second Awning offers a wide range of benefits that make it stand out from other car awnings on the market:

💨 Improved Wind-Resistance: Thanks to the WindEze flaps, this awning can withstand stronger winds, making it perfect for the beach or camping. No more struggling to keep your awning from flying away!

💪 Increased Durability: The StormChaser 270° 30 Second Awning is built to last, with a patent-pending design that is both unique and innovative. It is designed to withstand stronger weather conditions, providing you with long-lasting protection from the elements. We've also reviewed the design to ensure you continue to have the strongest awning on the market. Check our video reviews to see why people continue to love our awnings for 7,8 or even 9+ years. Pretty much as long as we've been running!

Our new awning has the same gorilla strength when it comes to being freestanding. No poles are required unless the wind is howling!

🚙 Versatility: With a 270-degree coverage area, the StormChaser 270° 30 Second Awning provides you with ample shade and shelter from the sun or rain. It's perfect for camping, touring, or spending a day at the beach. With a 30 second setup and pack down - this is one of the fastest awnings on the market. Pop it up when you stop for a fish on the beach, then pack it down and move forward if you don't get any bites! All in less than 60 seconds work.

🛡️ Patent-Pending Design: You won't find the StormChaser 270° 30 Second Awning anywhere else. Our patent-pending design is a testament to our commitment to providing you with the best outdoor shelter on the market.

Bonus: The walls that fit to the original 30 second awning (2.1m) will all still fit to this product.

So, whether you're an avid camper, grey nomad, or beachgoer, the StormChaser 270° 30 Second Awning is the perfect accessory for all your outdoor adventures. With its easy setup, innovative WindEze flaps, and unparalleled durability, you can sit back and relax, knowing you're protected from the elements with the best and highest reviewed awning on the market, now new and improved.

Order yours today and experience the difference with the StormChaser 270° 30 Second Awning!

Please note this is a passenger side-only awning, and only available in 2.7m. See the awning fitting instructions here.

Length: 2.1m

Side: Passenger Only

Shade Coverage: 12sqm

G.W - 22kg

Awning comes with the below kit:

  • 4 x Tie down pegs
  • 4 x M8x25mm s/s bolts
  • 4 x M8x55mm s/s bolts
  • 4 x M8 nylon nuts
  • 4 x Guy rope
  • 2 x Steel mounting plate with two holes
  • 2 x Mounting L bracket x 2
  • Buckle strap for rear bar x1

Please note - the same rules apply and the awning should be secured properly, and not open in storms.

Patent pending

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 230 × 20 × 17 cm


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