Battery Monitoring System

Battery Monitoring System



For 12v lead acid batteries

The Battery Monitor System (BMS) is designed for 12v lead acid batteries between 5ah to 600ah.  The current consumption is less than 2mA when the backlight is OFF, which is approx. 1ah per month, less than the self-discharged rate of most lead-acid batteries.

The unit monitors the battery voltage, current into and out of the battery and estimates the time to fully charged during charging or the time to full discharge during discharging.   The state of the battery is a visual indication and an alarm is used as alert when the battery voltage falls to a pre-set level.

Model    BMS-1

Battery Type    For 12v lead acid batteries

Input voltage     8.0—16.0Vdc

Input current (backlight is OFF)    <2mA

Operating temperature    0 to 40c

Storage Temperature    -10 to 80c

Operating humidity     90% RH Max

Size (L*W*H)    125*68*20mm

Gross Weight    0.3kg


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